Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Beginnings - A New Novel

Chapter 4 -

Morning was a dull one. It’s been a while since he wrote anything; the funds from the royalties of his last few books were lasting quite well.

There. Again.

He looked around slowly, turning his head 270 degrees, and then turning his body the other way so he could see the remaining of his room. To make sure he didn’t miss anything between the two sectors, he made sure the edges of his eyes corresponded to the same spots in the room.

He got the feeling that something just started.

He ignored it and did his morning ablutions. Then he sat down to write, shoving everything on his desk to the floor, with a few pleasant thumps and many angry clangs. What should he write about? He tried to recall his latest projects.

Nothing came forth.

He thought about recent events, and wondered if he should write about that instead. Well, why not?

He positioned himself in front of his desk, toying with his pen.

Finally, he began writing.

Writing was an equally arduous and pleasurable task. He realized, while writing, that he forgot to bring his diary-notebook with him, upon searching for which he found it safe under the pillow on his bed.

Taking it from under his pillow with a relieved sigh, he got back to his desk and resumed writing.


To be continued...

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