Sunday, November 23, 2014

Beginnings - A New Novel

Chapter 2 -

He looked around. A drastic shift had happened, and he wasn’t sure what it was, but it didn’t feel good.

He analyzed the people passing by him for any  relative spatial causes, and then scanned the world mentally for far by spatial causes. Then he scanned his past behavior unto the last checkpoint, and then the present; he didn’t find many leads.

Among the few he found was increased susceptibility to paranoia and perhaps a little taste of mania. He also remembered that the feeling of being watched began not too long ago.

He walked, paying attention to the people who passed by him. A few returned a cursory smile that didn’t reach their eyes; and still fewer smiled whole heartedly, as though he was a genuine human being that deserved love and affection. Such smiles don’t fade easily, both from the smiler’s face and from the observer’s mind.

He got lost in a few minutes; he was never good at directions. Having parents who always did everything for him, and spoilt him with love, he grew up focusing on the bigger things in life; life, philosophy, logic, love and ethics.

 Why am I being watched? This doesn’t feel like a normal scenario. I can think of three possibilities: someone with technology far more advanced than the items I read about or trending is conducting surveillance; some sorcery is afoot; or I am not being watched, but physio-psychologically I feel like I’m being watched.

How do I get to the bottom of this?

He smiled.

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