Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Justification of Madness

I don’t think there is an absolute; instead, what exists is a dynamic that includes that being perceived [1] and that thing which perceives [2] and the relationship [3] between those two. Everything exists according to this paradigm; today, in the context of ethics and logic, that which is right ( morally right / logically right ) is concluded in the mind, or societal lens,[1] of reality [2]. ( In other words, a mind/ our minds/ a societal lens is the thing which perceives, and the reality is the thing is that being perceived. ) Madness, irrationalities and wrong logic all fall in this paradigm as incorrect or fallacious; but fit correctly within a dynamic ( [1],[2],[3] )  that can exist elsewhere.

There fore, there is no right and wrong ( for everything considered right and wrong are only so within a certain dynamic ) and there is ( for within a certain dynamic there exists a right and wrong). The very same with logic.


Absolute: That which can exist without relativity ( not Einstein’s theory; the standard definition ).

Societal lens: A perception that exists in a culture or society, of other matters and itself.

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