Monday, March 10, 2014

Playing The Guitar For The First Time

People who have seen me walking around in my university, with a guitar slung over my shoulder, have asked me if I play the guitar - to which I reply, with a smile and a bit of embarrassment, "No; I'm still trying to learn." If I can't play a single song, can I say I play the guitar? I think not; my efforts still comes under learning.

I have been learning various songs for the past 2 years, but never going all the way with any. It was just impossible. I have tried Hey There Delilah, I See Fire, Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Do I wanna know? Finally, for the past 4 months or so, I have been learning Youth, by Daughter.

I sing the song as I make my bed and have bath ( took me quite a while to understand the flow and structure ) and practice the guitar in my free time. It is taking me quite a while to play as fast, accurately, precisely, brightly and nicely as Elena Tonra, the lead guitarist of Daughter.

Finally yesterday, after about 2 years of learning how to play the guitar, I can satisfactorily say that I played my first song. I could officially play the guitar!

Though...playing it comes in a spectrum, and my skill is very much on the lower end.  As I sang the song and played the guitar yesterday, my singing, bad as it is, became worse as I tried to remember the lyrics as well as get the finger picking right and well. My arm was tense from the effort of continued exertion, and I began to sweat; my face turned red as I cringed, feeling how bad how I must be performing.

The amount of personal satisfaction once I finished, however, was immense. It felt really good to finish a song from start to finish.

No one noticed, as far as I could notice, even though I was surrounded by my family. They were busy doing something else; hey, I admit I wanted my vanity stoked! Or perhaps a round of applause ( even though I would have muted myself if I could). Sometimes, feelings like this make me wonder why I really play the guitar; is it a good reason, like love for music or expression, or a bad one, like vanity or an unconscious desire to get noticed?

This is something I need to think about. However, the fact remains that despite my performance being nothing like Elena's, I actually played my first song. 

< bow >

Now I need to focus on improving, so I actually sound good.


  1. Good job Suman, keep it going. :-)

  2. i remember the day you said that you'll get a guitar for yourself.i was pretty sure you will learn something out of it..... Good and keep it going bro