Saturday, February 15, 2014

At night I weep

At night, when all is still
And darkness lies beyond the window sill
I remember a woman who I love
with the passion of a flaming stove
And I weep, for a love that was ne'er mine to keep
And I weep for what I cannot keep.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Little Birdie, Fly Away

I have a little bird 
that stays in my chest
that I love more than life itself
But I let it fly away 
Because it belongs to someone else. 

I'm waiting for the day
it comes back to my chest 
But I guess I'll have to wait forever 
Because it wasn't mine to begin with. 

I have a little bird
that I'm waiting for 
I'll wait forevermore
For I love it more than words.

(Poet's note: Didn't come out so well. I wrote it last night before sleeping, in my head, and forgot what I wrote as I attempted to write it today. So I had to re-invent it from the logic and the feel/vibe behind the poem. I didn't like how 'bird' and 'words' don't exactly rhyme. Actually, I don't like the poem very much, but for some reason I feel it's better off being published as a bad one as compared to never seeing the light of day.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Novel

I have started work on a novel. In case you interested in:
1) Watching someone work on their novel, and gradually build up something great (hopefully) from nothing.
2) How a novel is formed
3) Me personally
4) The progress of my novel

You can click on the tab 'Unamed Tome - A Work In Progress' to access the Google Folder in which the first draft of this novel is being stored, and being worked on. ( It doesn't have a name yet; I feel deciding a name is the best part, like an icing on the cake, and so I leave it to the last )

In case you do access the link, I hope you enjoy what you find ( you most likely won't :P ) and you can leave critique for me, either on the blog or in the Drive.

Till next time,