Saturday, January 25, 2014

Do I Love Anne?

Many men and women have wondered whether they are in love; I am no different.

However, unlike most, my judgement has been impaired, making me doubt whatever I conclude now, as well as what I have come to believe, since it's origins have been clouded in misjudgement.

Now, not only am I certain I'm in love, but I am also certain that I need to be more clear on the issue, contradictory as it may seem. I also want to convince my mother of my undying love for 'this' girl, so this written work shall come in handy.

So, dear reader, walk with me on this journey, as I attempt to conclude for certain whether I love "Anne" or not, and come up with a proof either way, that I may rest in peace with the comfort of certainty.

Whatever happens, before this journey begins I would like to state that I love Anne with all my heart, and she is most precious to me.

That will this love stand the test of time, fire and hardship is undoubted - but will it stand the test of truth, reality and honesty? That remains to be seen, with reality as the master of all, by it's very definition.

And Anne! Should you ever read this - I hope you're happy, safe and well. Take care of yourself, eh? :)

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